Business Plan

Business Plan

Along with giving innumerable Health Benefits, Renatus Wellness® also enhances Quality of Life through its Unique Compensation Plan.

Renatus Wellness® Compensation Plan is both powerful and generous & guarantees a maximum payout of total company’s CC. We offer the opportunity to make immediate “Instant Bonus” coupled with the ability to earn substantial long-term residual “Everlasting Wealth”.

“Instant Bonus” comes from Retail Bonus, Lot-Order Bonus and Dual Team Turnover Bonus.

“Everlasting Wealth” comes from Generation Advancement Bonus.

Renatus Wellness® provides compelling financial incentives for our Direct Sellers who demonstrate their ability to produce results.

Renatus Wellness® pays commissions on weekly basis to provide immediate cash-flow to our Direct Sellers. One can participate in Renatus Wellness® business without entry fee or Registration Fee & Renewal Fees.


Before the advent of Renatus Nova appreciable amount of time and effort has been invested to assess the current market requirements in the present scenario.

For any product to create an impact in the market, the basic fundamental requirement is it’s time of launch and affordable pricing which can cater to all the segments in the society.

Keeping in view of the above parameters Renatus Wellness® has been able to succeed beyond measure.

We provide you with world class exclusive products, expert training resources and pro-marketing materials to build your business on your terms. Whether you are looking to earn part-time income to grow your operations on our global platform, Renatus Wellness® provides a lucrative business opportunity for one and all.

  • Upgradation packages are all in distributor price (Not on MRP).
  • No compulsory repurchase to earn eligible bonuses.
  • No Renewal fees to earn eligible bonuses.
  • Simple Rank Qualification
  • Simple to understand Compensation Plan.

Renatus Wellness® has wonderful 3 different mode of bonus.

Financial bonus

Financial bonus is segregated into four major bonuses namely:

  • Retail Bonus
  • Lot Order Bonus
  • Dual Team Turnover Bonus
  • Generation Advancement Bonus

Retail Bonus:

Apart from getting valuable CC’s you are also eligible to make imprest money by selling the amazing Renatus Nova® on MRP.

Dual Team Turnover Bonus:

Condition to get the bonus (One Time) – 2 Active Directs (1 Left : 1 Right) But not necessary by Self Direct, placed under will be counted. Dual Team Turnover Bonus will be given on All CC (Up gradation CC, Repurchase CC & Lot Order CC). This bonus is given to the all Direct Sellers who have made the up gradation on self-IRD. This bonus is based on Dual Team Turnover Tree. Upgraded IRD’s bonus will be calculated. If a Direct Seller achieved required rank in every payout then the Direct Seller get the bonus as per current up gradation package. If a Direct Seller fails to maintain required rank as per up gradation package but maintained lower rank then the Direct Seller will get bonus of that package. Simulation (Pro Rata Basis) will be applicable as follows. The total bonus earned by all Direct Sellers in respect of legitimate sales of company product shall not exceed 60% of CC generated in the Company in a week period. If the bonuses is paying out more than 60% of CC generated in a week then the Top 40% of earning Direct Sellers bonus will be capped on pro rata basis. In every payout, system will check how much Dual Team Turnover Bonus generated & company turnover of that period, company turnover of that period is less than Dual Team Turnover Bonus generated then Pro rata logic will applied. This incomes will be calculated weekly.

Generation Advancement Bonus:

The Generation Advancement Bonus is the key to building a large organization of Direct Sellers. It allows You to multiply your earnings while you leverage the money to grow your dual team organization. With the Generation Advancement Bonus, you can earn a bonus on Dual Team Turnover Bonus paid to Direct Sellers in your personal enrollment tree. This consists of Direct Sellers you personally sponsored and Direct Sellers they Personally sponsored, continuing down your organization. The Generation Advancement Bonus is calculated as you progress in rank, as far as the number of generations you progress you are eligible for Generation Advancement Bonus. You can sponsor ‘n’ number of people both horizontally and vertically without any strings attached. Executive and above Rank holders are eligible for this bonus. Executive and above Rank holders will get 10% of Dual Team Turnover Bonus from his own downline IRDs which are lower rank than Executive Rank, same logic will be applicable for Sr. Executive & Regional Executive Rank as well. If same rank holder finds in the own downline then that IRD will get the bonus from their downline IRDs.

Development Bonus

Renatus Wellness® provides a unique kind of development bonus which not only enhances the knowledge of a direct seller for his better performance in market arena, but also gives him a financial edge, not only for an individual but also for the entire team at large. Development bonus is broadly classified as:

  • Team Development Bonus
  • Retreat

Team Development Bonus:

This particular bonus will help the Direct Seller and his team to grow his business multifold. The remarkable thing about the above bonus is that, it can be achieved every week (Week after week). Every direct seller will receive two Renatus Nova bottles as a complementary (Free) without being charged anything extra for the same quantum of work. Before getting further let’s understand the eligibility criteria to receive the above mentioned Team Development Bonus. Only Director 500 rank holders will get this bonus. Direct seller will get this bonus when no one has qualified for director 500 rank in both the downline (Left & Right).


This is going to be the most exciting part of Renatus Wellness®. Leadership candidature from various parts of a particular region will have an opportunity to come under the same roof once in every three calendar months. This Retreat will consists of frolic along with an excellent opportunity to learn latest leadership modules of current industry scenario. The training program along with fun and frolic will be the best in the industry, imparted by the best of the best wellness industry trainers. The selection of the Retreat destinations will be region specific and confined to that region only, it will be the sole discretion of the company. Every Direct Seller is eligible to qualify for Company’s Retreat program by adopting a single point criteria. 3000 CC in first team and 3000 CC in second team, all new business, to be completed within the stipulated 3 calendar months which are defined by the company as Four different quadrants.

Lifestyle Bonus

To enhance the quality of living, Renatus Wellness® proudly announces its most financially rewarding Lifestyle Bonuses.

The Lifestyle Bonus has been broadly classified as mentioned below:

  • Awards & Rewards
  • Cash Bonus
  • Tours & Vacations
  • National Lifetime Achievement
  • International Lifetime Achievement

Awards & Rewards:

Direct Seller will get the award as per rank they maintained for 6 times in 12 consecutive weeks. Direct Seller Achieved Lower as well as higher rank for 6 times in a 12 consecutive weeks then the Direct Seller will get the award of lower rank. Direct Seller Achieved only higher rank for 6 times in a 12 consecutive weeks then the Direct Seller get the award of lower rank as well as award of higher rank. One Rank will be counted twice if that rank lies in 6 times of 12 weeks. Direct Seller will get awards sequentially. Executive & above rank holders will get this Awards.

Cash Bonus:

Direct Seller attractive cash bonus along with the Awards & Rewards according to the ranks. Executive & above rank holders will get this cash bonus.

Tours & Vacations:

This is another exciting offer of Lifestyle Bonus. Which can be availed by all the direct sellers who meet the eligibility criteria. Renatus Wellness® offers you an opportunity to enjoy the trip of a lifetime. Unlike the earlier mentioned Retreat Program this exotic vacations are meant only for fun and frolic purpose. This international world class vacation will give you a new insight and perspective, a chance to explore the new destinations along with your fellow Direct Sellers at large. The experience what one can gain by exploring foreign destinations and sharing the same with their upcoming leaders of their team will put a catalyst effect in growing the business exponentially.

Eligibility Criteria for Half Yearly (6 calendar months) International Tour: All sales turnover starting from April 1st till September 30th will be taken into consideration, and the minimum sales volume generated from first team should be 45,000 CC and also 45,000 CC from the second team.

Eligibility Criteria for Annual (12 calendar months) International Tour: All sales turnover starting from April 1st till March 31st of subsequent year will be taken into consideration, and the minimum sales volume generated from first team should be 1,45,000 CC and also 1,45,000 CC from the second team. The CC’s accumulated to achieve Half yearly international tour will also be considered for Annual International Tour. All expenses like Air Tickets, Star Accommodations, Food and Beverages etc. to be borne completely by the Company.

National Lifetime Achievement:

All Direct Sellers who achieves the rank of “Regional Elite Executive” and above are eligible for this. A fund equivalent to 2% from the total turnover in that particular country will be equally distributed among all, who achieves the eligible rank in that particular year, in that particular country.

International Lifetime Achievement:

All direct sellers who achieves the rank of “Regional Emerald Executive” and above are eligible for this. A fund equivalent to 2% from the total global turnover will be equally distributed among all, who achieves the eligible rank in that particular year.