Key Persons

Key Persons

Renatus Wellness has already established it’s holdfast with authority. It’s needless to say that, the company has been made formidable by blood and sweat of many key persons. These personalities have put in a lot of effort to establish the company’s goodwill. The key persons have done some spectacular works with all their efforts.

All of these key persons have one thing in common, that is utilising their time. So, to become successful in any sector one needs to utilise their time tactfully. So, we need to utilise our time in order to be triumphant.

Mr. Lawrence Mathew Saldanha
Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Lawrence Mathew Saldanha, as Chief Operating Officer of Renatus Wellness evolves a strong strategic direction for the company while executing all the business operation successfully. He holds a B. Tech degree in Electrical Engineering and in addition to his engineering career he has also a 2.5 decades professional experience in management and health care industry. He has a global experience on healthcare’s equipment and solutions for the wellness industries with a strong track record of driving and managing successful business operations. He has profound knowledge on national and international policies and practices in wellness industry.

He is an active member of several non-profit organisations where he holds secretary or president position. He is active member of Kanara Entrepreneurs a social group for encouraging entrepreneurs, leadership for society.

Mr. K. K. Chowdhury holds profound knowledge base on wellness industry. Under his leadership, he has nurtured the entire team to drive successful execution of each business operation and the company has consolidated its position as one of the fastest growing direct selling company in India. Prior to joining Renatus Wellness, Mr. Chowdhury had started his career as a govt. employee and continued his job for 24 years. Afterwards he decided to take VRS in the year 2010 to pursue his dream of establishing a business in order to serve the society.

Mr. K.K. Chowdhury

Mr. Rohit Sinha
(Head Logistic and Supply Chain Management)

Mr. Rohit Sinha is the head of logistic and supply chain management of the company. In his role as the head of supply chain he ensures the entire distribution of the product throughout the country. The challenge of communicating and supplying in a way that persuades and convinces consumers as the first and foremost priority which always require optimizations so you are optimizing for something that is rational. Mr. Sinha is a highly experienced executive with a proven track record of managing the logistic and supply chain in highly challenging and competitive market segment.

Apart from his professional career, he holds immense interest on different scientific innovation and art.

Dr. Ramhari Kumbhar
(Head of the scientific advisory team)

Dr. Ramhari Kumbhar is the head of company’s scientific advisory team. He holds PhD from France and masters from United Kingdom. Currently he is Associated with Dr. Kyle Miller's Lab, The University of Texas at Austin, Institute of Cellular and Molecular, Austin, TX, USA His brief profile:

  • Ph.D. in Biological Sciences (Health)
    Laboratory of Genetic Instability and Cancer Institute of Human Genetics, CNRS-UPR-1142 Montpellier - 34396, France.
  • M.Sc. in Molecular medicine. The Medical School, University of Sheffield, Sheffield - S102RX, United Kingdom
    His Area of dominance is Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, Cell Biology,
    Microbiology, Bioinformatics and Plant extraction.

  • The American society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (ASBMB)
  • The Biochemical Society, United Kingdom.
  • Kumbhar R., Gong F., Miller, K.M.(2020) PARP1 links the histone demethylase KDM5A to DNA double strand break repair, Manuscript under preparation
  • Kim,J., Kumbhar, R., Fade, G., Miller, K.M. (2019), In Time and Space: Laser micaroirradiation and DNA damage response, DNA repair: Methods and Protocols, Methods in Molecular Biology, Vol.1999 (Book Chapter)
  • Hu, D., Jablonowski C.,Cheng, P.H., Kumbhar R.Kumbhar R., et al. (2018), KDM5A regulates translational program that controls p53 expression, iScience , doi:10.1016/J.isci.2108.10.012
  • Kumbhar, R., Vidal-Eychenie, S., Kontopoulos DG. et al. (2018), Recruitment of ubiquitinactivating enzyme UBA1 to DNA by poly (ADP-ribose) promotes ATR signaling, Life science Alliance. doi:10.26508/lsa.201800096

Mr. Kushal Sharma
Legal Head

Mr. Kushal Sharma is a corporate Attorney at law. In his role as the legal head of the company he ensures the legality of commercial transaction, authoritative advice, advising the company on their legal rights and duties including the duties and responsibilities of corporate officer. He also maintains the legal or non-legal hierarchy as well as statutory analysis for betterment of the company in day to day basis.

He as a corporate lawyer, in internal affairs of the company maintain legal structure, draft & review agreements, negotiate deals and render effective policy which are essential for the company as per prescribed law.